Redspin's CISO and CMMC Registered Practioner Dr. Thomas Graham, and CMMC Provisional Assessor Tony Buenger share the first of four lessons Redspin le...View Details

In this episode, we introduce CMMC-Spin a bi-weekly feature that delivers CMMC content directly to your inbox. Redspin's CISO, Dr. Thomas Graham, CMMC...View Details

We are shifting gears away from CMMC content this week and bring you an episode focused on the ever-exciting topic that is pen-testing. Ben Denkers of...View Details

The RP Episode

In this episode, get to know a few of our diverse group of CMMC Registered Practitioners, also known as "RPs", many of whom you may already be familia...View Details

You asked the questions and in this episode, we answer them! This week, Tony Buenger responds to audience questions that were asked during March 25th,...View Details

In this episode, we get to know Rob Teague, CMMC Registered Practioner at Redspin, and Information Security Consultant for CynergisTek. Listen as we g...View Details

This week, special guest Helve Longoria, the CISO at Florida International University (FIU) joins Tony and Rob on the discussion of FIU needing a CMMC...View Details

In this episode, we feature Tony Buenger to discuss his journey from an Air Force ROTC scholarship that turned into 22 years of Air Force service, to ...View Details

CMMC Provisional Assessor Tony Buenger, and CMMC Registered Practitioner Robert Teague are back with us this week to chat about Redspin's CMMC consult...View Details

In last week’s episode, we gave a high level overview of all things CMMC. Dave, Tony, and Robert discussed their CMMC related rolls, walked through th...View Details

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